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At the Dentist

We will examine your overall oral health. We will screen you for oral cancer, check for signs of gum disease, bruxism, and take x-rays to determine your overall oral health. The main reason we have regular dental cleanings is prevention. Regular cleanings are an efficient means of preventative dentistry. We can prevent dental problems by regularly cleaning and checking your teeth. We can also identify any signs of illness early, so that we can prevent oral health problems in the future.


Bi-annual cleanings are an opportunity to focus solely on your oral health. It’s okay if you forget certain aspects of oral upkeep at times. Meeting with your dentist twice per year helps to get you back on track. It also helps to identify any areas of your mouth that need dental care. Proper oral health will prevent or help to quickly discover oral diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease. Regular dental cleanings should be introduced at a young age. If you have children, you are responsible for their oral health. They should have their first visit to the dentist just after their first birthday. Even at this age, the dentist can check for any signs of illness or abnormality in the palate or gums.

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